The ManeStreem Experience

What is ManeStreem?

ManeStreem is the premier on demand beauty services provider
delivering the industry's leading beauty professionals directly to your door with the simple click of a button.

Who is ManeStreem for?

Manestreem was created to provide women and men with a trusted resource for personal beauty services,
to be conveniently delivered by fully licensed, accredited and insured professionals on demand and on location.

Become a ManeStreemer!

ManeStreem artists are some of the best professionals in the industry. Extensively interviewed and trained on time and in uniform.
Using cutting edge products and the latest beauty techniques, we ensure our clients are delivered the BEST IN BEAUTY!

ManeStreem Application Download

Our iPhone and Android applications has been launched and is available on the iTunes and Google Play store now. Please choose the links below to download ManeStreem TODAY!!!

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    how it works

    Book a ManeStreem personal beauty service to your door in three quick steps.

  • Browse ManeStreem

    Browse the ManeStreem Menu and choose the service/style.

  • Choose ManeStreem Artist
    Select Your Artist

    Use our real-time map to select your artist. No cash to worry about.

  • Book Appointment
    Book Now

    A professional artist will be on their way to your home or office in 45 minutes or less. Its that easy!

screen shots

ManeStreem App screenshots on the iOs platform.

ManeStreem App

Welcome Page

ManeStreem App - Choose Service
ManeStreem App

Choose Service

ManeStreem App - Choose Service
ManeStreem App

Choose Service

ManeStreem App - Client Contacted
ManeStreem App

Client Contacted

ManeStreem App - Start Service
ManeStreem App

Start Service

ManeStreem App - Mens Services
ManeStreem App

Mens Services

ManeStreem App - Add Services
ManeStreem App

Add Services

ManeStreem App - Review Price & Client
ManeStreem App

Review Price & Client

ManeStreem App - Provide Screen
ManeStreem App

Review Price & Client

application features

Our ManeStreem app includes many exclusive features. See how our solution beats the competition.

  • True ON Demand Mapping

    Allows you to see your ManeStreemer’s location and watch them as they arrive to your home or office.

  • Educated Decisions

    Make an educated decision on picking your ManeStreemer through all our options. These options include price, distance, experience, services and ratings.

  • Payment

    All payments are processed through the app, no tipping.

  • Rating

    Ability to rate your ManeStreemer.

  • Income (Providers Only)

    Keep track of all revenue earned.

  • Rate Clients (Providers Only)

    Ability to rate your client.

  • Transparency (Providers Only)

    Go online and offline as often as you like.

Our Partners

An official list of our partners at ManeStreem.

Partner Videos

A video collection of our partners at ManeStreem.

Become a ManeStreem Artist

Click the links below to sign up and participate on iOS and Android apps.
We're changing the beauty industry as we know it!

iOS Provider Signup Android Provider Signup
  • ManeStreem Artists

    Earn Leading profit per service

    Earn over 48% of revenues generated higher
    than current industry standards

    Have autonomy, independence and flexible schedules

  • ManeStreem Handles

    All business infrastructure on behalf of all operators

    All accounting services and tax filing, an industry challenge

    Providing $1M of liability insurance for all operators

    Offering access to group health insurance and 401k’s

    All advertising and marketing

    Processing of all customer related financial transactions


Our Events

Some of our upcoming ManeStreem events in the community.

ManeStreem Mixer

Monday, May 23rd, 2016 from 7-10pm
Stratus Rooftop Lounge
433 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
Kick back, relax, and enjoy complimentary blowouts, haircuts, makeup, manicures, and massage with a drink in hand.
Space is limited. Please RSVP at

Past Events

FREE Service Happy Hour!

Friday, March 11th from 4-7pm
10th floor of the Bourse Building - 111 Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Kick back, relax, and enjoy complimentary blowouts, haircuts, makeup, manicures, and massage with a drink in hand.
Space is limited. Please RSVP at

Philly's Most Glamorous Bash by Hair O' The Dog

Saturday, January 16th, 9:00pm
The Crystal Tea Room
Purchase Tickets HERE

ManeStreem Holiday Bites & Bubbles

Monday, December 7th, 7pm – 9pm
The Skybox, 2424 E York Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125
Please RSVP HERE or text your name and email to 609-831-3003

top manestreemers

Our top providers on the ManeStreem Application for any given month.

Veronica Lopez

Veronica Lopez is a licensed Esthetician and makeup artist. She loves to incorporate her artistic talent in the beauty of face and body makeup. Veronica is very passionate about makeup and perfecting complexions with the stroke of a brush.

Veronica Lopez

Makeup Artist


Jessica Saint is a seasoned makeup and hair artist with over a decade of experience in the fashion and cosmetics industry. She primarily works out of Philadelphia, New York, and LA. Jessica has worked on a myriad of projects such as the Miss USA and Miss United States pageants.

Jessica Saint

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Elizabeth Terenchin

Elizabeth has a 5 star rating on Yelp! She was in the top 10 of makeup artists in Philadelphia on the Philly Hotlist for 2013. She also has over 11 years of professional experience, working with Philadelphia Weddings Magazine and NY Times featured brides.

Elizabeth Terenchin

Makeup Artist

Jody Iacovelli

Creating on stage excitement, billed as the “Stylist’s Stylist”, ManeStreem’s Brand President Jody Iacovelli has a reputation for setting industry standards, marshaling runway concepts throughout the world for some of the top beauty industry manufacturers, while cultivating a loyal following of adoring clients wherever he appears.

Jody Iacovelli

Hair Stylist/Brand President

Martino Cartier

Salon Owner, celebrity stylist, industry educator, philanthropist and ManeStreem Brand Evangelist, Martino Cartier has expanded his reach beyond the transcendent realm of fashion and beauty, into the design and marketing of user-friendly styling tools and accessories. His recent relationship with HSN has garnered him national acclaim as one of the media’s most sought after stylists.

Martino Cartier

Hair Stylist / Brand Evangelist

Denise Pereau

Global art house studio session stylist and make-up artist, Denise Pereau, has been featured in a variety of national and international publications where her interpretations of fashion and art comingle to infuse life into concepts designed to stimulate market interest and ultimately, the purchase of products and services. Her creative vision is highly sought after by commercial and corporate business enterprises, as well as individuals looking for a creative approach to fashion and beauty.

Denise Pereau

Hair Stylist/VP of Global Provider Services

Lauren VanBlunk

Armed with a fierce devotion to her clients and an unerring capacity to focus on each and every individual to achieve captivating results, Lauren Van Blunk has set the bar for superlative customer service on every imaginable level. Lauren’s expert skill set was developed through extensive industry education, helping her to become one of the most frequently requested ManeStreem Service Providers; truly a testament to her ability to live up to her promise.

Lauren VanBlunk

Hair Stylist/Brand Ambassador

Tucker Cinalli

Tucker has worked in all aspects of this amazing beauty industry from editorial styling to salon management. He is constantly perfecting his craft and continuing his education, including classes with some of the industry’s leading forces. Tucker is currently managing the prestigious Martino Cartier Salon in Cherry Hill, NJ. In his free time, Tucker enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends.

Tucker Cinalli

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist/Brand Ambassador

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ManeStreem is the premier on demand beauty services provider delivering the industry's leading beauty professionals directly to your door with the simple click of a button.


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