ManeStreem is the FIRST beauty and wellness app on the market built by Freelancers FOR Freelancers. It’s time for beauty and wellness professionals to have the tools to become entrepreneurs!

ManeStreem is a platform to help you build and scale your business. Think of us as your agent and #1 fan. We give you the tools to build your brand, and the technology to manage your book seamlessly. We promote you and select you for VIP clients and special events based on your talent and professionalism. With ManeStreem, we want you to be the unique individual that you are. This gives our clients variety, and you the freedom to be the artist and professional you were born to be.

Sound good? Here’s how to get started:

  • 1. Download the ManeStreem Provider app
  • 2. Submit Name and Contact info
  • 3. A ManeStreem Team member will contact you to get you started.

ManeStreem Provider Video

See how ManeStreem can help you build and scale your busines

Martino Cartier brand evangalist for ManeStreem

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